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I purchased a Citrus gift basket set for a friend, but I think it's going to be hard to give it away. I'm having a hard time not ripping it open. I may need to order another one for me. Fantastic customer service, fast shipping, and beautiful presentation! Thank you, I'll be back. Peggi

I received my shaving soap yesterday. The pine scent smells absolutely awesome. The lather was rich and stayed moist throughout the entire shave, and on top of that it was easy to produce. It even appeared as though my shave was closer than ever. If you haven't tried one of these shaving soaps I highly recommend picking one up and giving it a go, you won't be disappointed. So thanks to Ginger’s Garden for the amazing product. I know where I'll be getting my soaps from now on. Dustin.

Ginger's Garden Ice Grenade is a wonderful soap. It has a very nice mentholated feel as well as a great spearmint scent. I also have the Spice Grenade and it is a wonderful what I call a "Peppery" Spicy scent and both soaps lather very, very well. I highly recommend Ginger's Garden products. RandyTop of Form

Love my shaving soap! I'm looking forward to getting more bathing and grooming products from Irena. Jim

These are possibly the finest quality wet shave items I have used to date. Spot on cushion and glide with a rich, intoxicating scent from both soap and splash. Beyond pleased, will be back for more. 5 stars and Aces. Josh

I started wet shaving just over a year ago and Gingers Garden soaps were some of the first that I used. Having tried a lot of different soaps I find myself going back to these soaps all the time. The fragrances are fantastic. And the shave is smooth and clean. Thank you Irena, I truly enjoy your products. Tim

Just received my order in today, which is amazing even by itself, because I just contacted Irena Wednesday night. She assisted me through her website, with what to order, and what scent to work with. We went with the Angel scented Soft Solid shaving soap. I also ordered a wood bowl. It smells amazing and lathers quite well. I used it immediately. So yes, I ordered it Wednesday night and Irena made my formula that night and shipped it Thursday from California. I received it in the Chicagoland area at about 1:15 PM on Saturday. That's two days. Wow. Love the product and the customer service that she provided to get my order. I would highly recommend using this shaving soap if you are a wet shaver. I use straights and after first try, love it. Keep up the great work Irena. On top of that, she surprised me by sending me a nice size sample of another scent also. Thank you so much. Robert

I received the Fougere soap yesterday. This is actually the first of your soaps that I have tried. I really like your take on Fougere. It's deep and earthy. Most of the Fougere's I've tried are very light and green. Your Fougere is green but still bold. I really like it. I was actually taken back with the performance of your soap. I felt I probably underloaded my brush. But, immediately I had mounds of useable lather. No dissipation of the lather whatsoever through 2 passes and light buffing. Thanks for the good customer service too! Todd

These handmade soaps are amazing! I bought them for gifts, and I now have to go back to get some for me. They are generous in size, intoxicating in scent and were shipped in lightning fast speed. Thank you! Blue

I have to get your shave soaps and more balm you won't believe it but I use the balm you sent me every day either with my shaves or just throughout the day I love it like omg love it and the scent is the bomb I really really love how soft and wonderful my skin feels you have really outdone yourself with your balms I can't thank you enough I have told so many newbies about you because I now swear by your balm i am going to have to get her own because she has such dry hands like bad cracking. Erica

I was interested in getting my wife into the wet shaving scene and Ginger's Garden is what I bought her to start with. It was an absolute hot and with so many fragrances for ladies, I made the right move ordering from here. 5 stars can't say enough. CJ

You may have changed my life - at least as far as using soap goes. Thank you for my soap. It's significantly better than the bricks of stuff sold in stores. Sherri.

High quality shave products and one of the best aftershaves I’ve ever used. Robert

Lather is lovely, shape is lovely, scent is lovely. Thanks for sending me these! Linda.

I just have to publicly rave for this soap! Thank you for this gem! It is a new favorite of mine-the scent is perfect and the lather is very creamy. WOW-I love it! Dee.

I received my bar of soap and let me just tell you I sooo wish I had a lotion to go with it!!! I put it in the shower the other day and I love it!!!!! I love the scent and the bar is so creamy. Did I tell you I really really like it! :) Clarissa.

Finally got to see my niece...she came to our birthday dinner for dh and ds...she LOVES the soap and loved the scent and color also! She said to tell you she can't wait and THANK YOU very much. Told her she had to check out your website, that she would love it. Thanks...you made her day that someone she didn't know would care enough to send her something special! Brenda

I had the wonderful pleasure of using the Orange Blossom soap and found it to be the best bar of handmade soap that I've used in a very long time. This bar was incredible with not only the lather but bubbles and long lasting, all the way to the end of my shower. Never have I had a bar of handmade soap do that. I can't thank you enough for that soap. Georgia

I just have to rave for this soap! Thank you for this gem! It is a new favorite of mine-the scent is so soft and the lather is very creamy. WOW-I love it! Gina

Just wanted to thank you for such excellent service! I am very happy with everything and wanted to thank you for the small sample tucked inside. That was very kind of you. :) Again, thank you so much... Kerry

OMG!!!!!! What more can I say????? I just got to try this scrub just a little bit ago, and holy smokes!!!! My skin feels so soft and revitalized at the same time!!! Thanks so much for sending this to me! How perfect!!! MANY thanks!!! I really needed this tonight. Between moving and working mega long hours last week this has been a real treat!!! Olive

"I LOVE your soaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so good! they lather, smell great, have good ingredients! Thank you sooo much." Laurie

I wanted to let you know that I got the package last Friday and have been using it for 8 days now. Wanted to use it for a week so I could tell you how it was doing for me. I love this Daily Take Lotion. Really! It's a wonderful lotion and sinks right in. I'm just thrilled! The skin looks and feels good! Donna

You've got me hooked! Thank you for making a fabulous product! I will certainly be bragging about your products and ordering again. James.

For those who have not taken the plunge into hand made soaps, please just go ahead and order some. You will never look back. I started using hand made soaps some time back and can say that I will NEVER buy regular old bar or liquid soap ever again. Quality hand made soap are so soothing and moisturizing to your skin. Kay

I have used the Goat's Milk and the Rice Flour from Ginger's Garden and they are wonderful! Between the skin softening and the wonderful. delicate scents of both of them, I could not be more pleased. I want to say thanks for taking the time to make a wonderful, quality product and I look forward to trying more of your soaps. The hard part will be deciding which ones as the selection is huge! Patrice

Ginger’s Garden bath salts were soooo good I couldn't pull myself out of the water! :lol: That stuff is AMAZING. And my daughter LOVES the bath crayons! Lindy

I just have to say how wonderful your Blue Chamomille face cream is. I swore by Shiseido for years until I used your product, I will never go back. Also your soaps are such a treat, they feel wonderful and smell great. Thank you Irena! Krystal.

Hi! I just wanted to tell you your site is the bomb! I just love your products; they are so scrumptious and your packaging is to die for. Your site is one of the best I've seen on the net! And trust me I've been on tons of sites. I am one picky person and I don't go around giving compliments often but when props are due its just due and in this case you have my respect! Alice

I love beautiful things and I always shop with my eyes, if a product doesn't strike my eye I won't give it a second glance no matter how good it is. Your products are so beautiful, unique and high end, as good or even better than any of those Big Guys! You're one class act! Yvonne

Your soaps are to die for. The painting on the chamomile soap is drop dead gorgeous and I love, love the little hand print on the baby soap. Ivy

I am thrilled with both of your products. Both I can use and not get grease all over my bookkeeping ledgers!! That is a huge find for me!! The awesome scent blew me away!! I loved it!! My hands felt wonderful. You have a real winner there!! Vanessa

Love love love the lotion. It's light and sinks in quickly, yet really felt like it was doing its job. The scent is great too! Janet

I've never seen a lip balm so perfectly and professionally dressed up ever! It smells wonderful and is smooth and appetizing. Applies like a dream, smooth as silk, and the aroma really comes through. Very soothing on the lips after you've eaten some spicy Indian food. Brava! Mary

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Soap. It smells so yummy and feels great on my skin! Yvonne

Your LOTION is the icing on the cake. WOW! I used it all over. A LITTLE will go a long way and it's not greasy. Laurie

Got another body scrub in today's mail -- thanks! Now I don't have to cheat and sneak some of your scrub into our shower!

My daughter asked how scrubs worked, so I demonstrated with yours on the back of my hands. LOVE how soft my hands are and LOVE that lovely scent! I don't like heavy, perfumey florals, but this is so feminine and light and delicate that I'm loving it. (Swoon.) Heather

I really like the consistancy of your soaps. Bar size is very nice and feels great in your hand. I'm gonna miss this bar when I finish it up. Bee

I've used your soap for almost a week now. It gives nice lather, is very creamy and lots of bubbles. It rinses well, makes my skin clean, yet moisturized. I will be back! Gary

I've asked my husband to try your soap since I use them on a regular basis. He got back to me in couple of days and told me to give your soap a great rating. He said it smells nice, has a good texture, lathers well, and his skin did not feel dry. He used it in the shower. I think you have another convert! Darlene

I love your lotion and so did my teenage daughter. In fact she took it from me last night, but I found it today and took it back. It feels and smells wonderful! Thank you! A.

The lip balm is lovely!! It's moist and creamy without being sticky. It's flavored with Mint and most of the time I don't even like flavored lip balms....I prefer plain. Once this tube is low, I'm going shopping again! Moira

I just wanted to let you know that you have wonderful products and the most gorgeous packaging ALWAYS! Jeanna

I just want to say that I received my Face cleanser and lotion which has been utterly fantastic! I have been testing the face cleanser out this past week and let me tell you my face has never felt smoother! I love the natural scent it leaves on my skin. A little goes a long way and the lather is amazing, after the shower and throughout the day my skin has a soft glow, not shine, about it. Kudos to Gingers Garden for a Wonderful product. Nadine

The eye cream is lovely! If you can believe it, DH stole it away and is using it twice a day, lol. He has a few laugh lines around his eyes at the age of 26 and has seen a difference ALREADY, so he's SO happy. He wants me to thank you! Therese

I wanted to let you know I got the lotion yesterday. I really like it, it smells wonderful I love the smell of Monoi and I'm really liking the way it feels on my skin and how it sinks in. Thank you again! Judy.

I received a Soothing Skin Aroma Balm & a delectable White Tea Hand & Body Lotion. The body lotion sank into my skin & the fragrance is elegant. Lora.

We got our lip gloss and my oldest daughter 11 swiped both of them! She loves the lip gloss and has told all her friends at school about it so I am sure I will be back very soon for more. Thanks for a great product. Diane.

I just received an order of 6 bars of soap I ordered from your company last week. Let me first tell you how thrilled I was to receive it so quickly, secondly, the packaging is so "professionally handmade" - I don't know how else to describe it. Thirdly, the scents are absolutely heavenly! I got Caribbean coconut soap, apricot freesia, almond, rose, pearberry, and lavender. I am at the office with them right now, but cannot wait to take them home to try them, and don't know which I'll try first! I may have to take more than one bath/shower a day! Thank you for such a lovely product! Jillian.

I got my soap on Monday and its wonderful! I love the coconut, it smells up my whole bathroom like coconut! I've been looking for a good coconut for a while now. Anyways, I love my soap! Sunny.

Used the shaving soap at the gym this morning and was very impressed with it's quality and the quality of my shave. It foamed up nicely with a travel brush and my face feels refreshed plus the size is ideal for the gym bag and less messy than tube shaving soaps. Quality speaks for itself. Karl.

The bath salts was soooo good I couldn't pull myself out of the water! That stuff is AMAZING. I've got to be getting some more of that. Probably by the pound. And my daughter LOVES the bath crayons! Pat.

Thank you you for being such a great formulator and making a fabulous product! I will certainly be bragging about you and ordering again. Tina.

I want to thank you for my order - I received it yesterday but didn't get around to opening it until now. Everything smells wonderful as usual. Thank you so much for the hand & body lotion! I really appreciate it. I've found that since I've been using your soap almost exclusively, I don't need to use as much lotion as before except occasionally for my hands, elbows and knees. Also, your green tea and blue chamomile soaps are awesome for my face. Eva

Thank you for my Green Tea and my Aloe soaps. I consider these one of the best soaps that I have tried. If you ever need a tester, please let me know! Nick

I love your lotion! What a great scent it is! Well, I just wanted to let you know. Thanks. Ariel

Your lip balm is the best I ever tried. My daughter liked it too and took the remaining one. I will be ordering my daughter a gift from you. Lencia

"I've come to the conclusion that Irena does things that those of us who are mere mortals can only aspire to! Seriously, every single product of hers that I've tried is just amazing!!! "

I've been using the liquid soap for the last two weeks and I love it. I love that I can continue to smell the soap on my body throughout the day - especially since I Love the scent. Auggie


 Anyone from a beginner to experienced wet shaver can use these shaving soaps without issues. The lather was just a beautiful creamy silken texture that provided excellent glide and slickness. The best part of the soap was in the post shave. My face was hydrated, soft, and smooth. Imagine, if you will, the feeling of a newborn baby. Remember how soft their skin is? That's exactly how my face felt after my shave. Dar 

Truly one of the best shave soaps I've ever used. Absolutely a luxurious shaving soap. I can't wait to shave again. Mark

 Thanks for a wonderful product, I will be back and recommend it to anyone! A multitude of scents, and you can even ask for a custom! Lotions, shave soap, bath soap, etc tons of scents and products to choose from. Dan

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