Chicken pox

Chickenpox - the disease is not heavy, but unpleasant. Infectious disease transmitted by airborne droplets. If the ailment was found in one child, the children contacting with him will also pick up the infection if they have not been ill before. Of course, chickenpox is easier to tolerate in childhood than those of people aged. There have been cases of death in adults since the body is more worn out and it is more difficult to fight infection.

It is better not to protect the baby from a sick child. The incubation stage of the disease is from 1 to 2 days, to five, when the last rashes were found. Symptoms of chickenpox: the appearance of pale pink spots in large quantities on the face, head, throughout the body, elevated temperature (maybe not everyday life), lethargy, moodiness. After that, the watery points appear in the center of redness, on the second day the liquid darkens, the surface is cloudy and covered with brown Khruna, which dry after a couple of weeks. The disease causes a strong desire to scratch the action, it is possible to bring infection into the wounds and will remain scars in the form of Ospin. It is necessary to convey to the child that this cannot be done, since these manipulations will affect the appearance not for the better, it will be impossible to correct appearance defects.

The treatment of chickenpox consists of: cutting nails in the child, which will prevent the opportunity to scratch and bring dirt into the wounds. The change of bedding is daily, it should be soft and delicate for the skin, protect the baby from overheating as the skin begins to itch from sweat. Lubricate the redness of green, Castellani or other drying agents. If rashes are detected in the oral cavity, rinse with furatsilin or world -room.

There are similar diseases with symptoms like chickenpox: whooping cough, rubella, smallpox, herpes, encircling lichen, measles. All of these diseases appear in the form of redness on the skin and transmitted by airborne droplets, fever.

Ospa - purulent wounds, rash, crusts after pustules, heat.
Rubber - rash, temperature, increase in lymph nodes.
Measles - rash, temperature, red eyes.
Cough - lethargy, heavy cough, temperature.
Surrounding herpes - rash, temperature, severe itching, pain in places of honoring.
Dermatitis - heat, temperature, desire to itch

If such signs are detected, you should not rush to make an personally diagnosis, it is necessary to immediately call the doctor to the house, since some of the above diseases lead to death.

In childhood, vaccination is made from diseases and there is a chance not to get sick, but for example, there is no drug or vaccine from measles, the body should cope with the disease itself. A child who has a chickenpoxicing smallpox needs the care and affection of parents, the main thing is to distract from the disease and alleviate the suffering of the baby. Classes to your favorite thing or any other trick will help to survive chickenpox. Maternal love, affection and compassion is the best medicine not for the body, but at least for the soul. Проститутки с аккуратной интимной стрижкой

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