Cranberry Spice Handmade Artisan SoapCranberry Spice Handmade Artisan Soap

Cranberries Spice Handmade Artisan Soap Holiday Bar

Cranberry Spice Handmade, Artisan Soap is made with natural oils and butters and scented with spiced cranberries. Hand made artisan soap that's made in the USA!
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Cranberry Spice Handmade, Artisan Soap is made with natural olive oil for mildness, coconut and castor oils for creamy bubbles and palm kernel for a harder bar. The cranberry is enhanced by the notes of orange peel and cinnamon. Each batch is enriched with tropical mango butter for a luxurious bar at an affordable price. Create a cozy mood when the weather starts to cool and we're looking forward to the beauty of autumn season.

My cold process soaps are cured for six weeks to assure that each soap is mild. Water that was used during soapmaking evaporates, creating a harder and longer lasting soap. Curing makes the soap mild and last longer in your bath or shower. Handcrafted soap is simply better for your skin. My formula produces great soap with lather that is creamy and won't dry out your skin. Cranberry Spice Handmade, Artisan Soap would make a great addition to your bath or shower. Do not leave your soaps in wet puddles. If they are left sitting in water in the shower, they will soften and will melt faster. Buy two for its festive and comforting scent. Ginger's Garden handmade, artisan soaps are better and gentler due to better and natural ingredients.

Ginger's Garden Handmade Artisan Soaps do NOT contain Parabens, Sulfates, Preservatives, or petrol derived ingredients.

Net weigh about 4.5 ozs.

Ingr: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, cocoa butter, soybean, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, beeswax, fragrance, mica.

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