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Handmade Natural Chamomile Botanical SoapHandmade Natural Chamomile Botanical Soap

Chamomile Natural Handmade Soap Aromatherapy

Chamomile handmade soap has natural Chamomile essential oil. Beneficial for all skin types whether mature, dry or oily. Made in small batches in Palm Springs California.
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This handmade soap is scented with natural Chamomile oil is hand painted with chamomile flowers. Inhale the soothing scent of the pure Aromatherapy grade essential oil in your bath or shower and let it help you balance your skin. Chamomile Artisan Handmade Soap is made with pure essential oil of Chamomile with no other color or fragrance. This natural scent is herbal with a hint of apple and hay in the dry down. I love this warm, sweet, soothing scent known for its calming and relaxing effects. This would be a nice addition to your bath or a shower after a hard day. Each artisan soap is hand painted with chamomile flowers with glycerin soap.

Natural chamomile soap has lots of creamy lather, and due to the natural glycerin that’s created during the soapmaking process, it makes the soap gentle and mild. This bar cleans gently but thoroughly. It is beneficial for all skin types whether mature, dry, oily or anywhere in between. This soap is popular with everyone, including men, women and children. Buy this chamomile soap and make your bath or shower a memorable experience.

Did you know that chamomile comes from the daisy family? It has been used in traditional herbal medicine for thousands of years. I grew up in the Czech Republic. My mother and I used to harvest chamomile flowers to make into balms and use as a tea.

A hefty bar at 5 ozs.

Ingr: Olive oil, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Shea Butter, Castor oil, Soybean, Sodium Hydroxide, Beeswax, Sodium Lactate, Aromatherapy grade Chamomile essential oil. Each flower is unique and hand painted.

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