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Best Monoi Tahiti Tiare Natural Facial Serum Concentrate MoisturizerBest Monoi Tahiti Tiare Natural Facial Serum Concentrate Moisturizer

Monoi Tahiti Tiare Facial Serum with Jojoba and Squalene oil

Monoi Tahiti Natural Facial Serum with Jojoba and Squalane is a concentrate to nourish and moisturize the skin. It's concentrated so only a couple of drops are needed.
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Monoi Tahiti oil is made by infusing Gardenia Tahitensis flower petals into pure, virgin coconut oil. It is made in French Polynesia. The natural scent is soft, floral and very pleasant. Tiare infused coconut oil helps soften and hydrate skin. The facial serum also contains nourishing jojoba which is very compatible with the structure of the skin and Squalene oil, which helps to soften and moisturize.

Monoi de Tahiti Oil is used regularly by the Polynesians for skin and hair care purposes. When I went to Tahiti, I got to smell the real flowers and they are divine! When I took a tour, my Tahitian tour guide used the infused oil on his skin throughout the trip.

Monoi Tahiti facial serum is all natural including the scent. It is golden yellow naturally from the pure oils. It contains no preservatives. Each bottle contains a glass dropper, as the serum is concentrated and only a couple of drops are needed. Use on the face or neck and rub any extra right into your hands, so they can receive the benefits as well.

To use, apply a couple of drops on your fingertips, then gently pat into the skin. Monoi Tahiti facial serum can be used under make-up or use before bedtime after washing the face. Help nourish the skin to feel and look your best.

Monoi Tiare Coconut oil is delicately scented with Tiare infused flowers from Tahiti. The coconut oil is a natural Polynesian oil that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. When I was in Tahiti, this infused oil was available in most local shops, grocery stores and tourist gift shops. The locals would use it on their skin and their beautiful and shiny hair. Monoi Tiare Coconut oil is made from Cobra coconut. It is remarkable for its lightweight and silky feel on the skin. Monoi Tiare Coconut oil is emollient, soothing and hydrating. It only comes from Tahiti French Polynesia.

Jojoba Oil is a natural plant wax ester that’s very compatible with the structure of the skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving the skin soft, moisturized and hydrated. I prefer to use unrefined golden jojoba oil in my skin care as it has no other ingredients and has been treated naturally and with care. Jojoba oil by itself has a beautiful light golden yellow color and no scent.

Squalane oil comes from olives. It is beneficial in skin care as it helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Squalane leaves your complexion silky, radiant and glowing.

40 ml.

Ingr: Monoi infused coconut copra oil, jojoba and Squalene oils.

No added color, parabens or mineral oil.

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