Strategies of playing machines in tournaments 

Strategies of playing machines in tournaments 

Slot tournaments are a separate and separate part of gambling entertainment. Unlike standard slot machine games, slot tournaments involve serious tactical training of the player, without which there is only a theoretical chance of winning. How to plan bankroll and risks at slots tournaments? Can you simulate the competitive process, playing slot machines online for free without registration? These and many other questions we will answer in this article. 

And let's begin, perhaps, with the most important. Criteria for assessing player performance As a rule, for both real and virtual tournaments on slots Starburst put the same requirements and starting conditions. The player is given a certain number of credits, the game timer is set (for example, half an hour) and randomly generated one of the slot machines (sometimes the machine may be all the same - this applies to virtual casinos without registration). 

Depending on the rules, the user who gets the biggest winnings or who will have the highest balance at the end of the countdown wins. Some "old-school" slot halls may use different rules and other game evaluations. But we will not consider them due to their small share in the total number of tournaments. 

Bankroll management 

The most important placeholder for possible victory in Starburst is a timely and qualitative control of your tournament finances. To do so, it is worth practicing in advance. Spread out conditionally 1000 initial credits so that, no matter how you play, for 2-3 minutes before the end of the competition you still have about 30-50% of the initial deposit. It is best to play a few dozen times, simulate non-standard situations. Only then can you approach a tournament fully armed and seriously expect to win.

Flexible Game Planning 

The most important training and practical stage is game planning. It is the long-term modeling of your behavior that distinguishes tournament play from regular play. When choosing a competitive base, remember: A huge influence on the slot machines is the rating of the casino. The more reliable and worthy the site, the higher your chances of winning. The strategy itself may vary with the loyalty of the machine to the player. But the vast majority consists of three stages: 

The acquaintance stage

About 15-20% of the time declared in the tournament is devoted to it. At this point, the player studies the payout table, "speeds up" the machine, tests the payout in the lines. The winnings at this stage are not large, and it would be much better to just look at the current conditions. 

The game stage

The most important part of the competitive process, which takes about 50-70% of the time. Depending on success of your own game and results of other players, you can choose waiting strategy with playing on minimal stakes, or use aggressive tactics, increasing buy-in and using doubling when winning. 

The Risk Stage

He is given 10-15% of the time. It occurs not always, as it is not relevant in two cases: if you are a leader or if a tournament provides the passage to the next stage of competitions of several participants. In all other cases, the player must promptly analyze his own bankroll, choose the optimal breakdown of it for the remaining time without taking into account possible winnings. In the case of winning at the last minute, it is necessary to compare the potential result when pressing the "collect" button with the result of the leader. If you see that you can overtake him only by a successful double or triple dribble, then it means that it is time to take a risk.

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