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Ginger's Garden Handmade Soaps...
Ginger's Garden artisan soaps are made with pure Virgin Olive oil, Coconut, Palm Kernel, Mango or Fair Trade Shea Butter, Natural Soybean, Castor and beeswax. All handmade natural artisan soaps are made locally and are shipped from Rancho Mirage, California. I use natural colorants, clays and essential oils whenever possible.

I am a third generation Soapmaker and have been making hand crafted soaps since 1969. I am following in my mother's and grandmother's footsteps. My handcrafted soaps are made with the utmost care to yield a natural soap that lathers wonderfully. You'll see why handmade soaps are much more gentle on the skin.

My handmade soaps are designed for those who wish to have nothing but the very best for themselves, who wish to care for and hydrate their skin by using a high quality, gentle yet effective bath, body and skin care. All my handmade artisan soaps are an affordable luxury.

My artisan soaps have been sectioned into several categories below. Please browse through these subcategories to find the handmade soaps you're looking for. And if along the way you find others that appeal to you, please try them out. I'm sure you will be pleased!
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Handmade Natural Artisan Soaps with Essential Oils or Fragrance